Canby Farmers Grain Company 

Canby, MN 

Est. 1892


The Canby Farmers Grain Company began in 1892 as the Farmers Elevator & Supply Company and is the third oldest continuously operating country grain elevator in the State. Eventually, the original Farmers Elevator & Supply Company merged with Canby Farmers Grain and was re-named Canby Farmers Grain Company.


In 1939, Canby Farmers Grain decided it was time to move past the two original elevator buildings it was using and build some modern structures, which included modern equipment, 30,000 bushels of new storage space and elevators divided into 19 grain bins.


A fire ravaged the elevator in 1986, which led to the re-construction of some updated facilities and equipment. Today, the elevator has branch locations in Dawson, MN and Astoria, SD, a storage capacity of over 2 million bushels and is very competitive in the area with its grain and feed business. The elevator is managed by Doug Balvin.


NOTE: The Farmers Elevator and Supply Company was instrumental in organizing the State elevator association, now known as the Minnesota Grain and Feed Association. Canby had three representatives (delegates) present at the first meeting of the Minnesota Farmers Elevator Association and William Kanderlik was elected to serve on the inaugural Board of Directors.


The Canby Farmers Grain Company was honored at the 101st Convention of the Minnesota Grain and Feed Association (MGFA) for over 100 years of continuous service to the community and region. Pictured (L-R): Bob Zelenka, Executive Director,


MGFA; Jon Gorder, farmer director on the Canby board; Roy Megard, farmer director on the Canby board (from Astoria); and Wes Cole, MGFA President.